(Only IN PERSON workshops-NO ONLINE option available)

At MK Slowinski Photography we offer comprehensive approach to teaching Fine Art Portraiture in very small groups or 1:1 

      The main aim of Workshops is to show YOU that you can do it too! with a bit of guidance we are happy to share all our secrets, so you can recreate results achieved in our studio back in your own :), and translate your newly gained knowledge to all other types of photography you offer to your clients.

Typical in studio Workshops start at 10:00am and end around 6:00pm

during your day with us we go through all aspects of Fine Art Portraiture, starting with all technicalities, we will go through all camera settings, we will discuss, in detail light source(es) and modificators we use, we will help you achieve as beautiful photos as it is possible before editing because what is obvious and many people forget it, your editing starts with image taken... the better it is, the better results you can expect, of course Photoshop is MAGIC! but... even magic has it's limitations, that's why we insist on in person workshops so we can guide you through everything, so we can see your camera and

re-adjust that setting you didn't know about or forgotton you ever touched it, not knowing your camera is a very common problem many photographers face...

often we hear:

"a Mentor i follow said this setting works best, so i use it all the time" - NO in a lot of cases "The Setting" works well only in particular situation or it's just a personal preference of someone who knows their equipment, not neccesarily working well for you...

so once the equipment is all set up... Lights, Camera, ACTION!

we typically work with 2 models guiding you through everything that matters, we show you how to pose, how to compose your images, how to achieve perfect focus everytime (well almost) using f1.4, how to re-adjust your settings again because there's NO UNIVERSAL setting!

once we go through a set of poses and we gather lots of material for editing we take a break for a lunch (around 2:00pm) and with coffee and biscuits we move on to editing part. we normally edit 2 images just to show that the process is the same for all images, there are slight diferences only but the tools used are all the same, editing is being live recorded with all your questions and answers, we leave no questions unanswered and video will be made available to you on a private facebook group where you can post your very own results and receive further support :) 

once we finish you will receive your Attendance Certificate.

if You Decide to choose in Studio and outdoors workshops

that's a two day option, where on day one we focus on Shooting part, so after the lunch instead of editing we go to an outdoor location and we go through everything that's diferent to studio photography, we should finish that day around 6-8 or in summer months even later, for those workshops we insist on having at least 2 fully charged batteries as it's a very intensive day for you and your equipment, on day 2 we meet again at 10:00 and focus on editing 2 in studio images and one from outdoor session.

some info you may find useful: 

we use only Sigma Art series lenses, we don't use Lightroom, we use actions and plugins, accomodation isn't included in price but we will recomend a hotel nearby, YES we are based in POLAND :) we moved few months ago and we love it!