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We are a couple born in the  80's lucky enough to share the same passion...
passion to Photography which at  some point became our idea for life :) today many years later, we still want more, never stop in gaining new skills, not only for our clients, but mainly for ourselves :)
there is nothing better than loving your work, seeing smiles every day and knowing that someone is going to keep your work for life  

MK Slowinski Photography has been set up in 2010 and since then we work hard on improving our work further, we made a huge progress since 2010 thanks to all the families we had pleasure to meet,  at present our unique style is worldwide recognised for exceptional quality of artwork and fresh ideas, 
now from 2015  apart from Photography we are also active Newborn Photography Mentors and teachers, sharing the knowledge we gained over years, 
and from 2019 also Fine Art portrait photography teachers, having pleasure to travel to different countries and meeting fantastic people

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