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FineArt Portrait

Single portrait (for 1 person only)

the photoshoot itself shouldn't take longer than 1h,

portrait printed on high quality 50x70 canvas (diferent sizes on request)


Additional Photos at 300zł each

Package of 3 portraits

the photoshoot itself shouldn't take longer than 2h,

portraits printed on high quality 30x40 canvas (diferent sizes on request)


How To Prepare for Fine Art Portrait

For this type of photoshoot we require a subtle but careful makeup  for best results we'd recommend using makeup artist services, we can recommend one if you like, or even book one for your photoshoot at an additional cost, please bring your makeup products too as some minor changes may need to be applied during the photoshoot, and we'll do it ourselves,
it's important to have clean, styled hair we need volume so thick waves would be ideal, clean nails, ideally no color, but french is ok,
regarding clothing, please bring few outfits that model feel great in, we have a large selection of outfits, shoes, props and accessories for this type of photoshoots, but model may have something particular she or he would like to be pictured in, we will happily discuss and recommend outfits before the photoshoot, with everyone individually, if model has any hobbies and would like to bring a prop, feel free to do so.

if model is under 18 years of age she or he must be accompanied by an adult, parent or relative, not a friend.

recording videos and taking photos with phones or cameras is prohibited unless agreed with us, the easiest way to find us is to see contact on our website click here for sample photos from our portfolio

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