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P h o t o  s h o o t    T i m e ? 

It is impossible to give even estimated photo shoot duration as it varies with different babies, in order to achieve  those curly poses Newborn Babies have to be asleep and this could take long hours even up to 5-6 so be prepared, get yourself  lunch or a snack and try not to plan anything else for the day as we never give up on any Baby and patiently wait to get desired amount of good Photographs. We normally try to take 10 times more pictures then in the package You choose so that You have a nice selection. We never book two photo shoots a day  so don't worry You can stay relaxed as there's no rush at all :) 

Frequently asked questions

When should I schedule my newborn photo session?

The key to having a successful newborn photo shoot and achieving those “sleepy, curled up poses” is to have us photograph your newborn within the first 12 days of life.  Newborns tend to sleep less and are difficult to “curl up” and pose once they reach the 20 day mark.

How far in advance should I schedule my newborn photo session?

We encourage families to book their newborn photo session at least a minimum of a week before the baby is due.  Your “due date” will be placed on our calendar and we will be looking forward to hearing from you just as soon as the baby is born.  Typically the Dad will contact the studio within a day of the birth to schedule the newborn session.

Do I need to bring in props, like hats or baskets, to use during the session?

Only, if there is something specific you would like us to use. We have a number of props to use during the sessions.

On the day:


 Things you need to bring:

         2-3 baby blankets, Nappies, formula milk (if baby is not breastfed), if Mom would like to have a Photo With   baby

         please bring bright, straples or thin straps top and anything you and your baby needs

Can I ask My Friends to come with us?

The answer is NO friends make an unnecessary distraction to you and us when we all have to stay focused.

especially at the Newborn Photo shoots that lasts Hours friend can be a problem to You when You are trying to do Your best and at the same time entertain your friend. Of course anyone who will be pictured is welcome but no extra audience please

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