Portrait workshops


2 days workshops €1000

in Rimini

This October we Would like to invite you to our world of Portrait, 

For us portrait has always been the way to do something just for fun and pleasure, to relax and enjoy, 

then suddenly it became a bigger part of our life, it started matter a lot more and now is the time to share our skills with you.

we plan to offer comprehensive 2 days workshops where on the first day, we'll focus on Studio Portrait, working with 2 models, everyone will get to spend few minutes with us individually trying to get their perfect portrait until they succeed, we'll go through lighting set-up, camera settings and all related technical details,

then after a late lunch or a dinner we'll head for an outdoor photoshoot where we'll try capture our models in beautiful Rimini scenery, in a beautiful light (hopefully)

on the 2nd day we'll edit photos from both photoshoots and answer all your questions, workshops include private group membership and editing video that will help you achieve same or very close results at home.

Minimum of 7 partcipants required for workshops to go ahead in case of a lesser number of bookings by the end of August, workshops will need to be cancelled or postponned, and your Deposit will be refunded then.

There's a €200 Deposit required, remaining €800 is to be paid in cash on the day, 

to pay your deposit and book your seat please use the "Book it" button below.

Thank You

                                                   Maria and Krzysztof

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