Below You will find details on all upcoming newborn Photography Workshops.


at MK Slowinski Photography we are delighted to share the knowledge gained over past 7 years, so far we helped hundreds of Photographers to make the next step in their career, no matter what your needs are we are happy to mentor for beginner photographers who are just starting their Photography Adventure and for advanced photographers looking to improve their skills. Generally we offer two types of workshops: 


Group Workshops, it's where a group of max 5 Photographers Learn from us, it's a great way to socialize with fellow photographers who really understand what you mean when you talk about photography,

Individual Workshops, it's when you come to our studio and you get 100% attention all day long, you also get the most practice when it's just you.

At both Individual or Group Workshops we go through absolutely all aspects of newborn photography starting at:

   building appropriate pricing

   Scheduling Photoshoots

   Preparing Parents and their babies for their Photoshoot

   We'll Present our workflow that's making it easier to get number of different shots by not changing much

   We'll show you how to make the most from flash light

   How to set up your WB and other camera settings

   From what angle to take shots

   How to pose and what to use

   We'll discuss safety

   Wrapping techniques

   We'll present our editing from start to finish

   We'll discuss Marketing tricks

All workshops include membership in secret support group staying live for min. 3 months, editing videos, practical part when participants will practice wrapping on our Babyclon® Reborn Doll, 

At Present we are planning Workshops in:

- Vermezzo Italy on the 28th March

- Oradea Romania on the 12th July

And following locations in Poland: Warsaw, Częstochowa, Zakopane, Wroclaw in May and july

For individual Workshops at our studio we are available most the time except for summer holidays, all we need is 1-2 months notice to find suitable date and babies, 

if you are from abroad and considering individual workshops there's an airport only 30 mins away from us, it's Cork Airport, we hope you will find a suitable connection.