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At first if you are breastfeeding please refer to our "Foods you should avoid" list below , this is very important as food you eat make major impact on babies condition and mood, please avoid listed foods at least one day
before the photoshoot, you might find avoiding certain foods helping your baby sleep much better at night and
find it useful every day.
We will need you to bring:

- supply of milk and nappies,

- dummy even if your baby normally doesn't use one,

- we will also need you to try not to feed your baby for 2-3h before the photoshoot, and please don't put your baby to sleep for as long as you can before your scheduled time, 2-3 hours would be ideal but of course we understand if it's impossible, you will feed once you arrive, that eliminates dressing up/undressing and travel time, giving us higher chances of your baby going into deep sleep.

- for the family shots we will need everyone to wear plain white, navy or black tops and mom wearing white/navy/black vest.

please note, navy and black go well with lighter skin tones while white suit darker skin.

 Due to high temperature required to work with newborns (24°-28°) Mom might like to bring her makeup products.

- Please notify us about any conditions babies suffer from, as things like colic/constipation/tongue tie or even trush can make babies unwell.

At the photoshoot, coffee, tea, water and biscuits will be served, but you might like to bring a snack or lunch.
During the photoshoot our clients are responsible for other children that came with them and
are walking or crawling,

- Deciding on poses/shots we take, unfortunately it's not entirely up to our clients or us, we cannot guarantee acheiving certain poses with all babies, they are all different, we will not force babies to do anything outside of their comfort  zone, we aim to make photoshoot a pleasant experience for both, parents and babies, we normally take 3 attempts in all poses and if it hapens that baby doesn't like certain things, we will NOT force the baby to do this for us/parents, instead we'll try a different pose,

- We will suggest suitable colors that are good with baby skin tone, if our clients decide to use different colors and realize after the photoshoot that they are not as good as they tought we will not change colors of backgrounds in post production.

Our standard waiting time for finished products is 3-6 weeks but may extend  over the summer months and Christmas period.
Also recording videos and taking photos with phones/cameras is prohibited unless agreed with us,
The easiest way to find us is to just type in MK Slowinski in Google maps.
In case if you are lost please call us at 0873214541 for directions


It's important that you arrive on time or few minutes early, please don't be late, we leave very little or no gaps between photoshoots to allow more time for editing and we may not have enough time for you at the photoshoot in case if your late.

A short guide on what foods to avoid when you are breastfeeding

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