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How To Prepare for a Family Photoshoot



if you have small baby/ies please make sure they had a nap and are in good form before the photoshoot.

Please bring their snacks and toys it will help to get their attention

Please be aware that we will try our best to make your baby smile but some babies even if they smile a lot at home 

they don't smile at the studio, please don't offer anything to your children in return for good behavior and smiles on the photoshoot, if it happens that nothing else works we will try to offer sweets and you could try too, but only at the studio, 

if there's anything you would like us to picture with your baby and if there's any outfits you would like us to use please bring them on the day.

we will require everyone to have matching casual outfits for example jeans and white/black/navy tops or dresses for girls. 

we will need to know before your photoshoot if you are interested with an outdoor or in studio session

It's important that you arrive on time or few minutes early, please don't be late, we leave very little or no gaps between photoshoots to allow more time for editing and we may not have enough time for you at the photoshoot in case if your late.


During the photoshoot our clients are responsible for siblings and other children that came with them and are walking or crawling, also recording videos and taking photos with phones/cameras is prohibited unless agreed with us, the easiest way to find us is to see contact on our website from your phone and tap on blue car icon, this will open your Google maps with our location pinned, you can set your sat nav from there. Or just type mk Slowinski in Google maps. In case if you are lost please call us at 0873214541 for directions.

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